Arts Network Sutton has just been made aware of an opportunity for the visual artists in our network. Full details including budget, timescales, and contact information are available to download in the brief. Here’s a quick summary:

What: A new public artwork on the windows of Central Sutton Library to introduce and welcome children, young people and parents to a new family support space within the library.

Where: Sutton central library – St Nicholas Way, SM1 1EA

Who: Individual artists with relevant experience in developing community art projects

Fee: £3,000 (This is the fee for the artwork, print & installation will be covered by The London Borough of Sutton).

Deadline for proposals: 2nd November 2022
Deadline for completion: 30th November 2022

The Council are creating a family hub space in Sutton Central Library, for families to access help and support in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. This designated space will be on the ground floor of the Sutton Central Library. The Council expect parents/carers, and children from birth to 18 years old to access this space.

The Council would like families to be part of designing elements of this space and making it feel like an area that is welcome for them to join.

Family hubs are for families who need some support; whether that is peer support, parenting, debt, practical help with form filling, employment, school placements, mental health and/or health checks and therapy.

The Council would like some artwork on windows that is co-produced with a cohort of children and parents/carers. (The Family Hub team will support in identifying families to be part of this work with the successful artist). The windows look out onto the high street in Sutton and are very visible to the public, so it is in the main focal point to welcome and engage people into the Family Hub.

We send our best wishes to everyone who chooses to apply for this interesting work.