Grants – how to apply

We currently run two rounds of funding in a calendar year – with application deadlines of 5pm on March 31st and 5pm on September 30th.

The next round of funding, applications for which close at 5pm on September 30th will be for activity taking place between November 2021 and May 2022.

We are currently particularly keen to hear from you if your project involves working with youth groups and/or encourages intergenerational participation.


ANS offers small grants to Full Members (either Group, Individual, or Commercial) of the Network, who can demonstrate a minimum of 6 months continuous membership at the time of applying. Friends of Arts Network Sutton are not currently eligible to apply for a grant.

Grants are made available to fund arts activity in the Borough and the maximum award is £1,000.

All successful applicants will be asked to provide detailed relevant risk assessments for their activity.

What ANS will fund:

  • Events that engage the local community in high quality arts activity as audience or participants.
  • Arts projects that involve collaboration and/or partnership working with local artists and organisations.
  • Projects or activities that diversify access to arts in Sutton and encourage inclusivity.
  • Creative activities that increase the wellbeing of Sutton residents.
  • Creative activities that help to address one or more local need.
  • Creative activities that support COVID recovery (for example helping reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation).


What ANS won’t fund:

  • Organisations directly funded by the London Borough of Sutton (this does not include grant funding)
  • The core costs or running costs of an organisation
  • Commercial ventures
  • Capital costs (buildings and equipment)
  • Events where proceeds go to charity.
  • Where, in the view of the panel, there is already adequate financial provision
  • An organisation with significant unrestricted reserves
  • Proposals that do not benefit the arts in the Borough
  • Political parties, lobbying and campaigning
  • Promotion of religion
  • An individual’s education
  • Applications from individuals or groups who are not a member of Arts Network Sutton
  • Projects that have already commenced.
  • Projects without fixed dates.
  • Private events such as exhibitions where the works displayed are available for commercial purchase.

Repeat Funding:

ANS members can apply for repeat funding for a maximum of 2 years. Any applications for repeat funding will need to demonstrate match funding of at least 10%. Priority will be given to applications that show that they can use ANS funding to lever in additional funding for their project and where the ANS grant makes a significant contribution to the budget.

Crediting and Evaluation:

Successful applicants must advertise that they are supported by ANS, use the logo on all material produced in connection with the project or event, and complete an evaluation and monitoring form within two months of the event/project completion. ANS will retain 10% of the grant award until the evaluation is submitted.


The panel is made up of a small group of members of the ANS Executive and experienced volunteers.

ANS Executive members cannot receive a grant as individuals and will be required to declare any conflict of interest in group applications in which they are involved and leave the meetings.

Application deadlines are final. There are no exceptions to this so we encourage applicants to submit promptly. Occasionally we receive applications containing basic errors, and sadly we have to reject these. If you would like ANS to carry out a quick check of your application it must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the current grant window deadline. All applications received after this time will go forward for evaluation unchecked.

At ANS we operate a traffic light system when evaluating grant applications.

Green means your idea and application is a great fit with our criteria. It’s clear what you want to do and with whom, and how you intend to engage your audience. Subject to the ANS budget being sufficient, your application will be approved.
Amber means your idea and application looks interesting and useful, but it may be slightly less clear. If we feel your idea is strong, we will come back to you with some clarification questions, which if answered successfully may result in an approved application.
Red means your application is not clear and may contain errors (for example the budget doesn’t balance, word count exceeded). If your application falls into this category, it will not be approved.

We want you to succeed and we provide feedback to our applicants which we hope you find useful, particularly if and when you choose to reapply.

Applications to be considered at the next ANS exec meeting after the application deadline. Applicants to be notified of decision 1 week after meeting / no later than 1 month after application deadline.

Download application form here.

Download guidance on completing the application here.

Find out more about our work with arts organisations in Sutton here.

Next application deadline: - 5pm Thursday September 30th 2021

Applications to be considered at following ANS exec meeting. Applicants to be notified of decision one week after the meeting and no later than one month after the application deadline.

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