Whose Poem Is It Anyway?

Arts Network Sutton recently included a poetry and spoken word workshop as part of the Creative Connections Festival. During the session, which was run by local artist Manny Gaskin, we learned about some of the basics of poetry, and we all compiled our own works using a partially written poem as our starting point. The session focused on community, and our work reflected this with nods to towns and places in our borough. The session finished with the poems literally having life breathed into them, as we read our works aloud to each other. The session ended there – or so we thought…

Would You Like To Play?

A few days after the session, Manny got in touch to let all the participants know he kindly compiled a workshop booklet which outlines some of the process we worked through, and includes all the poetry we worked on. A lovely aspect of the booklet is the spaces in between. There are places in the booklet for you to play, to reflect on what community means to you and to bring those ideas to life in your own words. The booklet is available to download free of charge. Thanks to Manny for producing it – we hope you enjoy using it and if you decide to write your own version of the poem – feel free to email it to us at [email protected]