I am an architect by profession and this informs my process across all of my artistic and creative ventures. As an architect I am currently an Associate, working within the residential market on extensions and houses predominately, at Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners Ltd. You will find me there if you would like to talk about a project.

I am also an artist having been a founding team member, bringing Tree on the Green project to fruition. Which is the a recycled material sculptural project on the London Fields enclosures in Catford. It is a community arts project which engages the public from children to people in recovery to let their voices be heard by physically posting and attaching messages to the trees, of which 3 form the current layout.

This project has continued to evolve and you will be able to find out more on my website.

Born and Bred in Sutton, now living in Wallington, so love my home Borough, I am sensitive to its nuances and subtleties and my family have been here for more than 6 decades now.

The Arts Network is the ideal opportunity to give back to the cultural community of the area. I am keen to collaborate and realise some projects within the area whether that be your backyard development or a community arts project for wider consumption. Do get in touch.





The study and practice of Architecture since 1996 has given me invaluable

insight and experience across all aspects of my work and interests.

Being a qualified Architect ensures the application of a rigorous and reflective professional process. It forms the qualitative benchmark I use to both shore up and manage the client and employer expectation and experience.

As a result I am always looking to apply and maintain high standards and provide the best value when assessing time, cost, quality and the creative process and have been able to apply this across all of the RIBA work stages.


My ability to communicate in professional and creative ways informs my artistic workflow.

Talking to friends, meeting with officials and then working with the community has generated projects ranging from accessible art sculptures to being invited to curate a component within an arts festival.

It has also facilitated projects from boardgames to mini lego movies for consumption online. All lending itself to working in a way that can be engaging for others.


Seizing the means of production has been my key to being creative. Collaboration with other designers, the writing in notebooks of poetry, making music with mini synthesizer and ipod adapters, or broadcasting on community radio. Even broadening out to writing copy for the current firm’s marketing. These are all elements that cross-fertilize and develop into an enlivening and rich creative process that can be used to both help and inspire others to make and do.

Professionalism, creativity and artistry are what make IMAG_Conscious Design.