As part of Sutton STEAMs Ahead 2023, the London Borough of Sutton has developed an exciting new opportunity for a workshop leader with experience in leading artistic or creative workshops, to run two workshops between 1 November 2023 and 31 January 2024. Sutton’s Hidden Worlds uncovers the hidden worlds of Sutton’s environment, encouraging people to connect with nature through creative workshops. These workshops aim to improve feelings of connection to place; enhance wellbeing; and develop understanding of nature for the workshop participants. Hidden Worlds will show how nature surrounds us, and can be enjoyed in unexpected places and times – in the depths of winter, or inside a library. Full details, including how to apply, and the budget available, can be found here. The deadline for applications is October 16th.

In addition – there’s an opportunity for someone to run some gardening and nature workshops as part of this project. Full details are available here and once again, the deadline is October 16th.

Good luck to everyone who chooses to apply.