Alan Fitter and Doug Shaw from Arts Network Sutton, take part in the award ceremony for Sutton’s recent Cultural Impact award. Photo courtesy of London Borough of Sutton Communications Team.

‘How was it for you?’ Doug Shaw, community artist and Arts Network Sutton member, told us how it felt to be part of the team who pitched for London Borough of Culture 2023.

‘I was born in Carshalton and have lived in the borough most of my life. As a community artist, and advocate for the arts I am pleased to be included in the pitch. Having the opportunity to meet and work with some really good people was an excellent experience, and though there is a hint of disappointment in not winning the main London Borough of Culture prize, it was great to pick up a Cultural Impact Award. I look forward to seeing how we use that to develop our excellent grassroots arts and cultural scene further in the years to come.

Congratulations to Croydon for their win – it’ll be great to see what exciting things they do next. ANS is doing really good things when it comes to joining the arts and cultural dots in the borough. Croydon are excellent at this so let’s learn from them and turn our current good work into something really special.’