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Nalini’s bench was inspired by Kenya, the country of her birth.  Scroll down further to learn more about its culture and a text version of her story.





“Just after my birth I was not well. I had Polio.

I was never physically fit. Every 6 months I used to end up in a hospital and that made me so frustrated.

Slowly and gradually I got a job.I became the head of a school.

My parents passed away within the periodof six months.

I had no choice but to leave Kenya and join my brother who was moving to London.

I was lonely and I had nothing to do. For few months I felt “I wish I could go back”.

But one day I decided, if I hadto stay, why not make my life more happy.

The elderly people needed a lot a of help, whether they needed to go to the hospital or they want to talk to their doctors. I always managed to assist them.

I was invited to go to India where I was given an award for my outstanding services in the UK.

That added my crown.

I have learnt that whatever you want to do nothing is impossible.

My name is Nalini Patel. I am a Deputy Mayor London Borough of Sutton.”


Nalini Patel, Deputy Mayor, London Borough of Sutton (2017-2018)



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